Friday, 17 May 2019

Science in a Van

A few days ago, we had science in a van. During "Science in a van", they did some cool experiments.
They balanced a mop on only two fingers using physics. Then another guy did another physics experiment. He picked up a table with a bottle with a cloth underneath it. Then he removed the cloth  underneath it and the bottle didn't move at all. They did more experiments, but the last experiment was my favourite. They got some dry ice and sealed it tight in a container. And for a moment, it didn't do anything... but popped off when you least expected it.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Balloon Experiments

Yesterday we did some science experiments. We blew some balloons and tested the pressure. The balloons were red, yellow and blue. The blue was the one with the most air pressure because it was so big and all the pressure was getting all pushed and it was really packed. The red was the least because it was so small. We did another experiment, where someone blew the balloon and put it underwater in a bucket. When he unleashed it, it went back to it's original size, then water came splashing out of the bucket. 

Friday, 3 May 2019

Growth Mindset Studies

In term 1 we learnt about growth mindset.
We studied about famous people like, Marie Curie,
Thomas Edison and Martin Luther King ,JR. Our group chose to study about Albert Einstein.
This is mine. I chose to study about Albert Einstein because he discovered the famous equation e=mc2.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Up Up and and Away-Dr. Seuss

This is my Hot Air Balloon that we created to show that our goals are going to take up to new heights.

Growth Mindset-Goal Bunting

Each student in room 6 has made a bunting triangle to show our Growth Mindset goal and motto that we want to work on. (Came and check them out!)

Jesus Strand - Religious Education

During term 1 we have been learning about Jesus, the Son of God. This is my cube on how Jesus showed us that Jesus loved us all as His children.  We are all blessed with the gifts of faith, hope and love

Friday, 22 March 2019

Saint Joseph's Day Tabloid Sports

Tuesday 19th March was St Joseph’s Day Feast Day. The whole school attended mass to celebrate the leadership Saint Joseph showed. Saint Joseph is also special to our school because Saint MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph were inspired by Saint Joseph. Saint Joseph is also the foster father of Jesus. The following day, the whole school came together to celebrate with fun tabloid sports in our houses. We all got to play so many fun and exciting games. Thank you to our leaders who prepared this.